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Melsan Consulting Firm has over 35 Years of Leadership

"Hands On Business Experience"! Its Seasoned Team of Professionals also has MBA and JD Doctorate Degrees highly qualified and intensely interested in taking your business into the forefront of its success. Its aim is to accomodate the needs of its clients with superior services, programs and strategies along with the most competitive rates on the market. At Melsan Consulting we always have your best interest at heart and will go the extra mile to assist you in achieving outstanding success and maximum profit margins by providing you with all the necessary tools to take direct action and avoid costly mistakes.
Dr. Sandra Billingslea, Ed.D

Dr. Sandra Billingslea has built a career on helping others to find direction in life. She is a scholar and entrepreneur who is building Mel-San Enterprises, Inc., a consulting firm, into a vital force in the development of new business in Miami-Dade Country, Florida. She is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman College, Barry University and Nova Southeastern University, holding four degrees. Her terminal degree is a Doctor of Education. Hence, she is a well trained professional.

Also, Dr. Billingslea has a wide range of work experience. She worked as a nurse, social worker, teacher, and college professor. She spent more than twenty years with the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) before moving into the field of education twelve years ago. In that time, she has established herself as a premier educator, winning teacher of the year for her school in 2004. She has excelled in every field of endeavor.

Melsan prides itself in being unique and different from most consulting firms, utilizing a simple 2-step formula for starters which is a pro-active and re-active plan unlike any other. Pro-Active is initially designed with you in mind to collect all the necessary data necessary to initiate a productive project. Re-Active is designed with your business in mind to create the solid steps to accomplish your project in a definite timeline. With its seasoned team of genuine Professionals covering all the necessary angles to make any business venture succeed, we pride ourselves in offering the following specific services:

    Designing Business Plans & Contracts
    Marketing Books & Magazines
    Designing Brochures
    Newsletters & Webpages
    Researching and Writing Grants
    Event Planing
    Resource Referral Service


            One Time Fee Per Project
            Setting Goals
            Time Line
            Final Follow-Up

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